Rules and Regulations

All customers shall apply for utility service at the main office of Municipal Utilities.


Customers may be required to make a deposit.


Residential Accounts - One and a half times the average monthly bill figured on the previous fiscal year. The deposit may be waived for renters who provide a letter of credit from another utility company or if they have a minimum of twelve months' good credit history with Municipal Utilities.

Commercial and Industrial Accounts - One and a half times the average monthly bill figured on the previous fiscal year. Exemption: Governmental agencies, companies with Dunn and Bradstreet rating, company-owned chains or manufacturing stores (not franchises) listed with Fortune 500, companies who are expanding who have a good credit history, and industrial customers who are transferring.

Temporary Service to Local Customers - No deposit for customers who have a good credit history. A deposit of $650.00 will be required for a fire hydrant meter. This deposit is refunded when the meter is returned.


We have a budget billing plan that is available to eligible customers which allows them to pay their utility bills in equal monthly payments. To be eligible a customer must:

1. Be a residential customer.

2. Have had service connected at the present service location for the twelve preceding months.

3. Have good credit history for the twelve preceding months.


Municipal Utilities reserves the right to put into operation policies and procedures for disputed accounts, time payment plans and involuntary termination of utility service.


Meters of Municipal Utilities shall be read on or about the same day of the month in each cycle and in a sequence that will cause as near as possible billings to be rendered for periods of thirty to thirty-one days of service delivered.

All bills are considered due and payable upon receipt of bill. Municipal Utilities applies a ten (10%) percent penalty on electric, water and cable bills paid after the penalty date. A night deposit box is available to the public on the front of the building at 3000 North Westwood Blvd. You may also pay your bill at First Midwest Bank (all four locations), Calhoun's Food Rite, Kroger Food Store and Poplar Bluff Federal Credit Union (2 locations).


Municipal Utilities shall have an authorized employee available during business hours to receive and respond to customer disputes. Any customer who is dissatisfied with the decision of the authorized employee shall have the right to appear before the Municipal Utilities Board.


Municipal Utilities has a time payment plan available for persons whose accounts have become delinquent due to, but not limited to, illness or other personal disaster. Arrangements can be made with our Collection Agent. Time payment shall equal seventeen percent of the arrears bills plus current bills until the account is paid in full. A ten percent penalty will be charged for each month's service(s) until the account is paid in full.