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Check out Skate Plaza  for information on the upcoming September Slam (Saturday, September 29, 2018)

See R. W. Huntington Municipal Pool for information on upcoming Doggie Swim Day (Sunday, September 9, 2018

Three new sculptures at McLane Park - "Joy, Upside Down, and Runner."

Micro and Macro
We are made of star stuff - Carl Sagan

Sukanya Mani is an interdisciplinary artist with a passion in science, anthropology and philosophy. 

She takes complex ideas from those fields, builds stories around them and presents them in a visual art form. In this series, she addresses the duality of the seen and the unseen. Some designs presented on the figures are overt, the others subtle. Micro and Macro" bridges the gap between arts and science, playing on patterns of similarities invisible to the naked eye. This work explores human interpretations of our various points of view, the larger universe and our role in it. The sculptures explore themes of the cosmos- the spiral galaxies and exploding stars and the minute- the DNA strand and our molecular composition.

The sculptures are meant to be viewed from front and back, far away and up close. Each dot is painstakingly painted on the surface of the silhouettes. The dot art is a nod to her cultural identity. Mani was born in India and uses her inspiration from “Gond painting”, an ancient Indian art form to create the aesthetics and tell her story. 

She addresses the daily lives of our active human selves being powered and engineered by invisible forces and energies.