Board of Adjustment

Regular Meetings

  • 3rd Thursday of the month
  • City Council Chambers
    101 Oak Street
    Poplar Bluff, MO 63901


Date Appointed
Term Expires
Rodney Reagan June 2018 June 2027
Todd Sittig August 2013 June 2025
Richard Carr June 2022 June 2024
Lucy Wheeler September 2015 June 2024
Lonnie Taylor June 2000 June 2023
Chelsae Cordia - Alternate June 2022 June 2024


By city ordinance, the Board of Adjustment (BOA) hears appeals by citizens from decisions made by the city planner, the building inspector or other city officials.  Most cases heard by the BOA are regarding setback variances, sign variances and other hardship claims. The BOA consists of 5 members who are appointed by the City Council. Each member shall have knowledge in areas such as construction, architecture, fine arts, engineering, landscaping or law. The Board of Adjustment meets on the second Wednesday of every month in the City Council Chambers.

Anyone wishing to make an appeal to the Board of Adjustment should contact the Planning Department at 573-686-8615.